"Good easy read. Interesting characters and a jarring ending."

"A friend loaned me "Lifetime Loser" and I devoured it, so when "Finish Line" was published, I had to go there. I enjoyed the heck out of it, even though there were some very sad passages. Even though this is technically a "golf" novel, the author shows such a true understanding of kids AND adults that it should prove to be an enjoyable read by even non-golfers."

"James Ross delivers again. He uses some of the cast of characters and settings in 'Finish Line' as he did in his well-received novel 'Lifetime Loser'. The small town country club is a perfect backdrop for his new story of two young boys who 'grow-up' one summer on the grounds of a golf course. The two early teen-aged boys are influenced and mentored in a gentle and positive way by Curt Schroeder, who gains a great deal from the relationship himself. This is a great read for both adults and the children they care about - from the start, all the way to the finish line."

"I had it done again in 2 days. I had to put it down a couple times because the emotions that it was causing was unbelievable. The cancer with the chemo treatments had me sick to my stomach and sad. The problems with insurance to get cancer treatments is so real. The two boys that he takes under his wings to help out during the summer and to make them learn life lessons was great. The friendships that he has with all of the guys that play golf regularly is great."

"Author James Ross is on his game, weaving his sports theme into a highly entertaining and satisfying second novel. I savored how intimately acquainted and comfortable I became with Prairie Winds. Ross is a man's man. His characters are predominantly male and they have grown in number. They've got names like Pork Chop, Lug Nut, Bowtye, Captain Jer, and Paco. They play golf, play cards, gamble, work the night shift, fly planes, treat animals, and they like pretty women. Even though their histories and habits run the gambit with sometimes shocking consequences, they're there for each other for life. They are friends, brothers, competitors, mentors, and the man next door. His female characters have presence and importance."

What Readers Say

“…a cast of characters that are truly real. I feel like I know the men and women of this club intimately. The compassion and love these people have for each other is wonderful.”

“Lifetime Loser is a real winner! I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The story took many twists and turns but was wrapped up neat and tidy at the end. I was shocked at the perseverance (sic) of J Dub to follow through with all that it took to finally find justice. I had a hard time putting the book down. What a great job James Ross did making sure all the legal manuvers (sic) were understood and connecting the game of golf to life.”

"Excellent read. From beginning to end, this book grabs you. Great characters and story line."

"Lifetime Loser captures a complex story involving fraud, egotism and sleazy characters; three key ingredients for a highly entertaining and engrossing book."

"A very engaging book. Ross gives you the real deal. Trust and betrayal, death and dabuchery (sic)...and that is just within the sleazy government of Southern Illinois."

"James Ross delivers an astounding story of corruption and deceit. An excellent read…gripping until the very end."

"This is a book that I would not have ordinarily bought but found it totally entertaining and would highly recommend it to others. In fact, I gave it to my 24 year old son (a golfer), that typically does not have time to read, and he liked it so much he passed it on!"

"Lifetime Loser reads like a Grisham novel. The story tells of the struggle between good & evil and how much patience and perseverance it takes to bring forth civil justice when criminal justice fails in our society. In addition to including many detailed facts about our muddied-up legal system and unethical business practices, Ross does a very nice job with the parallel between life and the game of golf."

"This book shows how honest people can fall prey to deceit and corruption. James Ross does an incredible job bringing the characters to life. You won’t want to put this book down until justice is done!"

"An excellent read! I was pleasantly surprised by how riveting the story was. My husband picked up this book at the country club a couple of months ago and told me how great it was. I don't play golf so I was in no hurry to read it. Last weekend I picked it up and couldn't put the book down. What a fascinating story! Who would have thought the gentlemen's game of golf could have such a twist. I found the story compelling and enlightening."

"Love James Ross style writing. Grabs your interest from beginning, never lets go!!

From loving golf courses, the beauty and care given them, watching much golf on TV, knowing 'it's a gentleman's game', I was fascinated with the twists and turns the book takes.

Couldn't put it down, read in two afternoons."

"I was skeptic (sic) about this book. I have never played golf let alone picked up a golf club. But when I started reading this, I couldn't put it down. I had it done in a couple of days."

"The story of a young man’s life and all the twists and turns it takes was remarkable. The love for the game and his family was great. He is naive and taken advantage of by a man that makes him the escape (sic) goat. The corruption with the politics and lawyers with the state of Illinois are so real. I am from Illinois so it made me think all the time is this real?"

"Mr. Ross has combined interesting facets in his book 'Lifetime Loser'. Golf and cheating have always co-existed, but not in such an entertaining way!"

"A great book! I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I am not a big fan of golf (except for the movie - Tin Cup) but this book is about more than just golf. It is about relationships, coming of age, and never giving up. I thought the character development was good.

Without revealing more of the plot I'll simply say that Opur's Blade was an absolutely delightful book! This was my first exposure to this relatively new author and I think I will be reading more from James Ross."

"My appreciation of this book could have been in part because I'm from the South and worked as a golf pro after retiring from the military. I don't believe the author, James Ross, thought for a second "Opur's Blade" would ever become a classic; just a fun, easy to read book. At any rate he accomplished that as far as I'm concerned. Long ago when country clubs were built for the pleasure of its membership rather than some corporate bottom line, there were kids like Lee Trevino who came from the wrong side of the tracks who earned not only nicknames like the main character in Ross's book, but they earned the love and respect of a nation as well. I gave this book five stars for taking me back to those days. May I please offer this suggestion to all who love the game of golf...The very first thing that you take out of your bag should be a good attitude, if not, you'll miss out on the most rewarding part of golf."

"'Met' this author on twitter, was curious to see what he writes. Was I in for a Very Good Read!! Fell in love with this book, to put it mildly. Couldn't help myself, had to run to store to purchase Cherry Red nail polish and Chocolate Covered Cherries!! Gals, guys, even if you don't golf, even if you don't like golf, or Tiger, you're going to love 'OPUR'S BLADE'. Have to tell you I've read it three times. Have read four of Jim's books. This is my favorite. Bought second copy for a Christmas gift.

Oh, you'll have to read the book to know more about my Chocolate Covered Cherries and Cherry Red nail polish purchases!"

"There are so very few authors writing golf fiction that it's always a pleasure to read one when the opportunity arises.

Opur's Blade follows the life of Owen Purler Jr. (aka. "Opur") from birth to late teens where his golfing destiny finds him competing in "The Classic". (Dare I say "The Masters"?) The events leading to Opur's success are quite remarkable. After being signed up for golf lessons by his mother, despite his father’s objections, Opur's potential is realized by a golf pro named J Dub Schroeder. Opur's knack with a putter is uncanny and, as a reader, Opur's success is never doubted. I'm going to stop here as going into further detail would only spoil a good read.

I really enjoyed the characters created by the author. Many of them I feel I have met at the golf course at some time or another. Opur's Blade is a worthy addition to my bookcase of golf books. This book cries for a sequel and is written like it was meant for one."

"The story is well written and fast paced. The chapters are short, and the plot moves briskly. I found this book to be both an easy and enjoyable read, thus I spent a whole day reading it, anxious to find out how the story ended. I have never swung a golf club in my life, nor have I ever stepped foot on a golf course. James Ross does an excellent job of describing the game and the character one must possess to master golf. After reading this book, I believe I can now watch the game of golf and actually understand what is going on!"

"I am a fan of James Ross. I have read and enjoyed all four of his books and look forward to more! These books revolve around Prairie Winds Golf Course with a cast of characters that are truly real. I feel like I know the men and women of this club intimately. The compassion and love these people have for each other is wonderful. As I am not a golfer myself these were not books that I typically would be drawn to. I am changed because of them, I have a new respect for the players and their integrity. I hope you will take the time to read any or all of the books written by James Ross. You won't be disappointed."

"I confess that the sight of a beautiful golf course and game in progress is a
very wonderful experience to witness. The hush of the crowd, the soft-spoken announcers,
the aroma of fresh cut grass, the anticipation of it all...However, I never gave much
thought to what goes on behind the scenes of the gentleman's game of golf.

In "Opur's Blade" by author James Ross, the main setting of his story is
the golf course, his choice of characters are fascinating and you can be assured that
after reading Mr. Ross' story, the game will never seem the same again."

James Ross's books on Goodreads
Opur's Blade Opur's Blade (Prairie Winds Golf Course)
reviews: 8
ratings: 15 (avg rating 3.93)

Pabby's Score Pabby's Score
reviews: 5
ratings: 9 (avg rating 4.33)

Lifetime Loser Lifetime Loser
reviews: 7
ratings: 9 (avg rating 3.89)

Finish Line Finish Line (Prairie Winds Golf Course)
reviews: 4
ratings: 8 (avg rating 4.00)

Tuey's Course Tuey's Course (Prairie Winds Golf Course)
reviews: 6
ratings: 7 (avg rating 3.57)


"James Ross continues his series with a golf course as a setting. This one is more about golf, than mystery, but is a good page turner. Good afternoon summer read."

"I've read the first three of James Ross' books; Lifetime Loser, Finish Line & Tuey's Course, and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. While I agree with other users that the use (abuse?) of Ebonics was a little disturbing in this one (and made it difficult to read at times), one must overlook that and get to the heart of the story, which is very good, well told and cuts to the quick on some very serious issues facing us today. I look forward to reading more of his work."

"In Tuey's Course, Ross ratchets up the heat and widens the gap between the haves and have-nots, shining a glaring light on a wider-than-you'd imagine ring of greed, power, and hypocrisy in white America."

"Tuey is a humble and hardworking black man, and seems to have become the target of the all-white city officials. Racism is but one direction that James Ross explores. He introduces us to a long cast of sleazy characters. Corrupt politicians and a robber baron bank owner have big plans for making money through some land deals and development. Throw in a homosexual Catholic Priest, a bent College Football referee, and a dash of other assorted misfits and you have Tuey’s Course."

"This is the first book I read from James Ross, and definitely will not be the last. In a very well written book, Mr. Ross creates a rich environment, full of characters that you learn to love during the development of the story. The plot of this story is simple and easy to follow. Two special-need teenagers (Pabby and Shae) are hanging around at Prairie Wind Golf Course, part of a summer youth program in an attempt to learn how to socialize (they are autistic at a certain level). The regulars at the golf course interact with them and their caretakers (Carla and Aiesha).

You will love how the special ability of Pabby will be developed into use for benefit of the regulars of the golf club. It is a very entertaining book, easy reading, and took me around 16 hours to read the whole book. I recommend this book to the permanent library of all readers that love a good plot, with mystery and drama and very rich characters, like the regulars at the golf club (Pork Chop, Uncle Woo, T-Berry and many others)."

James Ross is fearless at exposing the social inequalities of life.

Two teens with special needs, corruption, dishonest courts and Internet dating. Can things be more diverse?

Ross pulls no punches. Serious, edgy and wince-inducing.

Thumbs up to James Ross! Beautifully written. With intrigue, cover-up and a well-developed cast of characters, you will not be able to put Pabby's Score down.

"James Ross is a very good weaver of plots, sub-plots and twists that are the hallmarks of his novels. Pabby's Score is simply a well-crafted read that moves in many different directions, somehow ending in a believable conclusion. I really enjoyed the read. If you like humor, social commentary and have a vivid imagination, this book is one to consider."

"Pabby's Score is a humorous sports fiction novel that has an interesting mixture of suspense and drama. This entertaining storyline has subplots that are intriguingly interwoven and provides a lot of twists and turns that engage the reader as they turn the pages. This is definitely a very busy novel, but it is fast-paced and easy to keep up with.

Within the pages of Pabby's Score, the author provides a wide range of social issues to keep the readers engaged: special needs children, dementia, alcoholism, greed and corruption in the police and justice system, lurid affairs and internet dating services. I was intrigued with this author's writing style, the social issues were like puzzle pieces that when woven together provided a really fascinating puzzle of a story."

A masterfully intertwined story line.

"Ross effectively manipulates these intriguing characters like puppets on a string with charming effect."

"Having read Jim's prior four novels, I was prepared for good reading...but not to this extent!! I'd said, through first four, that OPURS'S BLADE was my favorite! But Book 5, PABBY'S SCORE, is now my Favorite!!...a Hole in One, for sure...with a few Hooks (and crooks!), and with many Slices of today's real life Sand Traps strategically placed!

Julie still keeps things under control at the 19th hole, Prairie Winds Golf Course. I'd really like to hang out there for a week or so!! The camaraderie shines throughout the book. Some new visitors, special needs kids and their care givers, some loose adult behaviors, greed...Jim touches on much of life...and again, tugs at all my emotions. Laughing, crying, cheering, booing, empathizing, sympathizing...

Couldn't put the book down…would have read nonstop, but for life's interruptions like cooking, cleaning, etc. Buy it for yourself, give as a gift...Mark it a Good Read!! Funny peculiar...to me, anyway...this book has nothing to do with the Masters, played in Augusta, GA, yearly...everywhere I look things are Golf related...even my reading material!!

Hope everybody enjoys your books as much as I do, Mr. Ross!! Keep 'em coming!"

Anyone who has had to deal with both lawyers and the legal system will enjoy Pabby's Score. I wish I could spend a day in the 19th hole at Prairie Winds!

Once I picked up Pabby's Score I found myself unable to put it down. Suspenseful, comical, with a mystery all wrapped into one.

A thriller.  Ross rewards the reader with memorable, well realized characters.

Ross tackles the politically incorrect and incorporates the new writing forms we use on the phone and in social media chats. Engaging and succinct!

An incredible read. I could not put it down.

Ross spins an engaging multi-dimensional tale of the dark abuse of power, autism and much more, not the least being a dramatic conclusion!

With unexpected twists and turns, this is a hole in one.

Kick off your golf shoes. Enjoy the controversy and memorable characters in this James Ross novel

   Author James Ross

Copyright 2014 © Author James Ross 

I like James Ross.  Each time he dips his quill in the ink well I am convinced he can't beat his previous book, and each time he proves me wrong. It would be sinful to share the plot, it is so well crafted, a ballet of words. I give the book very high praise.

It turned out to be a well written mystery with a surprise ending. The book was hard to put down once you were hooked.

I was pulled into this story and could not put it down.  There were so many twists and turns!

​Awesome book if you love a great "page turning" mystery. I couldn't put it down. I think I just found a new favorite author.

Golfers will love the realistic setting of the pro shop and the delightful band of characters who play Prairie Winds Golf Course and frequent the 19th hole.

The surprise ending had me gasping out loud (and laughing a little too.) I definitely recommend this extremely well-written book to anyone who loves drama, suspense, and a little bit of humor thrown in the mix.

I was pulled into this story and could not put it down. There were so many twists and turns!

​If you love to dislike a main character, then this is the book for you!

​This story is such a good read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes unexpected plot changes, romance and mystery.

What a delicious unexpected little read this was. I loved how Ross' short chapters flowed seamlessly.

Wow! What a page turner. I never really hated anyone in a book until now. That was a first for me. I tried to put it down a few times but just could not.

I loved this book! Shari is someone you just love to hate, she is pure evil - selfish, spoiled, and down right crazy. There were so many twists and I certainly couldn't predict what was going to happen next.

A twisting and turning story with many subplots where you hate the main character from the beginning.

I really enjoyed this book. Despite the fact that I constantly wanted to slap the main character because of her attitude. There is so much drama that keeps the reader guessing. The premise is unusual (I've never read a book with a main character that I hate as much as I hate Shari) and that makes this story that much more interesting.

I usually don't forego sleep for anything but the suspense kept me up. I really enjoyed the twists and turns of the mystery. Well written and just fun!

Oh my gosh, I just finished this book and I enjoyed it very much. This was definitely a page turner that had so many twists and turns that you couldn't put the book down.

The collection of books by James Ross is for the avid reader. They are delivered from Prairie Winds Golf Course which sits high atop the Mississippi river bluffs east of St. Louis.