Author James Ross


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The collection of books by James Ross is for the avid reader. They are delivered from Prairie Winds Golf Course which sits high atop the Mississippi river bluffs east of St. Louis.

LifeTime loser    (a Realistic Fiction Book)


For fifteen years on the outskirts of St. Louis J. W Schroeder (J Dub) ran a worn out golf course that sat high atop the Illinois bluffs of the Mississippi river.  Then he learns that his partner had been skimming profits the entire time.  But even worse, J Dub discovers that he was an unknowing participant in the swindle of an estate and that he was a victim of fraud.

J Dub is thrown into a civil justice system that is lengthy as well as costly to protect his family and correct an evil and sinister secret that had been withheld from him for years.

The controlling partner, Lewferd E. Zerrmann, aligns himself with a dishonest attorney, a deceitful accountant, and a corrupt politician to detail a government investigation and an IRS audit.  He survives title improprieties and outlasts an overzealous U.S. Attorney.  No one seems to be able to penetrate the isolated walls of Lew's fortress until J Dub steps up and risks it all to fight for what is his.

Who said real life was anything like "The Gentlemen's Game?"