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The collection of books by James Ross is for the avid reader. They are delivered from Prairie Winds Golf Course which sits high atop the Mississippi river bluffs east of St. Louis.

     James Ross was born in the early 1950s in central Illinois. The oldest son of a high school teacher/basketball coach and homemaker had a childhood dream to become a professional athlete.     


     At age twelve he took to the links when his family moved to a golf course development in the western suburbs of St. Louis.  As his passion for the game grew he became a low-handicap player.     


     After turning fifty he decided to get in touch with his creative side and sat down to write. At the keyboard words flowed naturally through his fingertips. His first novel, Lifetime Loser, was published in 2007. An unethical businessman swindles an estate. The IRS opens a criminal investigation. Caught in the middle is a young golf pro who becomes the victim of civil fraud.     


     The writing bug had bitten. He continued with stories that attack social issues and delve into Midwestern life. Before his first novel was finished he had begun the second book Finish Line (2008) involving a cancer survivor and two adolescent boys. It is a continuation of the happenings in and around the fictitious setting of Prairie Winds Golf Course on the east side of St. Louis.     


     Drawing inspiration from the characters, his third book, Tuey’s Course, was released in January 2009. Lovers of dialect appreciate this effort about an impoverished minority businessman who battles politics at City Hall.     


     Opur’s Blade (2010) gives hope to anyone facing long odds to succeed. In this story a gifted prodigy overcomes family strife, a clouded future, and a whirlwind romance to reach the pinnacle of golf’s grandest stage.     


     Pabby’s Score was released in 2011. It takes on autism, dementia, and Internet dating as well as the US justice system. Add thoroughbred racing, Native American customs and a secret law society to read the twists and turns in this dramatic page turner.

     Shari's Shot is the newest edition to the Prairie Winds GC saga. Excitement is delivered when a STL socialite and ex-country clubber pays a visit to the public facility. Divorce, serial texting, and murder moves the story to a dramatic ending in our justice system.    


     The novel writing pace has slowed down. Screenplay adaptation has taken center stage as an effort to bring Lifetime Loser to the big screen has demanded some attention.    


     All the stories are centered on a sports theme, particularly the game of golf. Being a native of the Midwest they also carry references to America’s heartland. Readers love the eclectic cast of recurring characters and enjoy the delivery of the story through their dialogue.     


     When he is not writing, Jim is out looking for a golf game around town or traveling to some warm weather destination to enjoy life.     


     Jim graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia, is a licensed real estate broker and resides in the suburbs of St. Louis.

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